Caregivers Offering Support for Clients Recovering from a Stroke, VA Sarasota

An older woman at home.
Photo by Vlad Zaytsev on Unsplash

It takes time and patience to recover from a stroke. Stroke survivors often rely on the help of a caregiver when recovering. Visiting Angels Sarasota brings up five helpful tips to help caregivers care for a stroke survivor. 

As mentioned earlier, recovering from stroke takes time. A caregiver needs to understand that every stroke survivor responds to a stroke differently. Some stroke survivors might recover faster than others, and others could need more time. A caregiver should avoid making comparisons and they should support the needs of their specific client. Everyone is different, so recovery looks different for everyone. 

In addition to understanding that all stroke survivors are different, a caregiver should also help their client establish a sort of routine. Visiting Angels Sarasota brings up routines because a routine can encourage a stroke survivor to keep up with their recovery. There are a variety of routines that a person can develop. For instance, a person can establish a routine for getting dressed and eating. 

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