Visiting Angels Chelmsford Discusses Parkinson’s

A man looking out a window.
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

To put it simply, Parkinson’s is known for affecting a person’s movements, but a person’s movements are not the only things that are affected by Parkinson’s. Visiting Angels Chelmsford breaks down information about Parkinson’s. 

One important piece of information about Parkinson’s is the fact that is a progressive disease; meaning, that it worsens over time. There are symptoms in the beginning stages that families should be on the lookout for like tremors, slowness, and stiffness. During the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Visiting Angels recommends researching Parkinson’s to develop a better understanding of the disease. While you are looking up information, you can hire a professional caregiver to provide your loved one with the needed assistance. 

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