Visiting Angels Caregivers, VA NE Ohio

A portrait of a man smiling at the camera.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Being a professional caregiver is not as simple and straightforward as a person may think. Like any occupation, there are various things that go on behind the screens. Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio shares the experience of a professional caregiver that works with Visiting Angels. 

Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio asks Jane, the professional caregiver, several questions about her caregiving job and experiences. For example, Jane is asked how things were like when she started working. 

Jane states that she felt comfortable and accepted during the interview process. Once Jane got past the interview stage and accepted the job, she started training right away. At first, Jane was paired with another experienced colleague. Jane would shadow her co-worker for a couple of visits to learn from firsthand experience. After various visits with clients, while continuing to shadow her co-worker, Jane was eventually given a case of her own. 

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