Seniors Doing Exercise At Home, VA Daphne

An elderly man lifting small weights.
Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels

Seniors should exercise as they get older. Yes, moving around becomes more difficult with age, but exercise helps seniors stay healthy physically and mentally. Visiting Angels Daphne brings up some great exercises that seniors can do from the comfort of home.  

Many seniors worry about hurting themselves when exercising. While the concern is valid, seniors can slowly start exercising to see how much they can handle. Visiting Angels Daphne discusses how stretching can benefit seniors because stretching can alleviate pain and help increase flexibility. 

Visiting Angels shares two stretching exercises. The first stretch is the overhead side stretch. To perform an overhead side stretch, a senior needs to stand with their feet hip-width apart. Then a senior should lift their arms above their head and slowly lean to one side. After a couple of seconds, the senior can recenter their arms and lean over to their other side. 

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