Lonely Seniors, VA Cincinnati West

An elderly man sitting down on a sofa.
Photo by Steshka Willems from Pexels

Loneliness can be a difficult thing for seniors to experience. Do you think that your senior loved one has been feeling lonely lately? If you do, there are ways you can help your loved one. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West brings up a couple of ways you can help your loved one curb their loneliness. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Cincinnati West shares is to develop a routine with your loved one. You do not need to make your loved one’s routine by yourself. You can sit down with you senior loved one to work on their routine together. As you build the routine, make sure to provide your aging loved one with plenty of things to do, but do not overwhelm them. You can set a sleep time, breakfast time, dinner time, and outdoor time. The routine just depends on your loved one. 

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