Seniors and Skin Protection, VA NNMP

An elderly woman wearing a pink hat.
Photo by Moe Magners from Pexels

Your skin is something that you look at in a daily basis, whether you use a mirror to look at the skin on your face, or you look at the skin of your body. As you age, you will start to notice more and more changes to your skin. Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula shares some tips that can help you care for your skin as you age. 

As you grow older, you will probably notice your skin change in many ways. Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula brings up how you can develop dry skin patches, wrinkles, age spots, and more changes. While you cannot prevent your skin from changing with age, you can help your skin age in a healthier manner. Even keeping up with a daily routine can help keep your skin healthy.  

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