Depression and Loneliness in Seniors, VA Santa Clarita

An elderly man with his head on his hand.
Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels

The pandemic has kept people from socializing with one another, face-to-face, for a long period of time now. While people have been finding ways to socialize with their loved ones, many seniors have been struggling to connect with others. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita brings up some ways in which you can prevent an aging loved one from experiencing loneliness and depression. 

Visiting Angels Santa Clarita recommends helping your senior find more ways to reach out to others. As mentioned before, people have been using technology to communicate with loved ones; why can’t your aging loved one do the same? If your loved one does not know how to use technology, or the internet, you can always teach them. However, if you would rather have someone else teach your loved one, you can take a look at Visiting Angels Santa Clarita’s social care program. 

Additionally, you can reach out to your loved one more often during these difficult times. You can try to plan more socially distant visits with your aging loved one or you can call your loved one over the phone more often. 

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