Dental Hygiene in Seniors, VA Southlake

A photo of a tooth brush.
Photo by Alex on Unsplash

What exactly is dental hygiene? Basically, dental hygiene is practiced by those who take care of their teeth. There are several ways in which people can care for their dental hygiene. Visiting Angels Southlake offers a list of tips that can help seniors keep up with their dental hygiene. 

Overall, Visiting Angels Southlake shares 5 tips for seniors. The first tip is to brush twice a day. The American Dental Association points out how everyone, not just seniors, should make an effort to brush their teeth twice a day. It is also important to note that people should be brushing their teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride. As seniors brush their teeth, they should avoid aggressively moving their bush around. Seniors should take around 2 minutes to gently use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean their teeth. 

Visiting Angels Southlake also brings up how flossing would benefit seniors. When people eat, sometimes food and plaque get stuck in between their teeth. A toothbrush is too large to reach the particles in between teeth, so that is where floss comes into play. There are also flossing alternatives for seniors who struggle with the traditional sting flossing method. 

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