Visiting Angels Ravenna Brings Up Mental Health in Seniors

Photo by Shashank Kumawat from Pexels

People tend to focus on the importance of physical health as people grow older. While physical health is important, it is not the only thing that seniors should be concerned about. Seniors should also make sure to keep an eye on their mental health. Visiting Angels Ravenna explains how seniors can take care of their mental health. 

If seniors do not take care of themselves mentally, there are two things that might happen. First, seniors could develop depression. Anyone can develop depression, but those who do not take care of their mental health are more at risk. Symptoms of depression include body aches, sadness, and loss of interest in things someone once liked. Visiting Angels Ravenna also mentions how seniors can develop dementia. More specifically, seniors can develop Alzheimer’s or the most common type of dementia. 

After bringing up depression, and Alzheimer’s, Visiting Angels Ravenna shares tips that can help seniors take care of their mental health. Below is a quick version of the list. 

  • Do something social 
  • Talk to a trained psychiatrist or therapist 
  • Get lost in a good book 
  • Complete a puzzle 
  • Move your body 

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