The Elderly and Their Resilience, VA Barrington

An elderly woman sitting on a bench.
Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

The bodies and minds of seniors change with age, but that does not mean that they become more and more fragile as the years go by. Seniors are resilient and have a lot of lessons to teach the younger generations. Visiting Angels Barrington discusses why seniors are so resilient. 

Seniors have grit and resilience. What is resilience? Visiting Angels Barrington defines resilience as the instinct to re-balance and to thrive through difficult situations. In other words, those who continue to push forward towards their goals and desires, despite the odds being against them, have resilience. There is also grit, which is similar. To put it simply, grit is the strength to keep pursing long-term goals through challenging times. 

Why is Visiting Angels Barrington discussing resilience and grit? Well, because seniors can offer the younger generations plenty of both. The elderly are not as weak as people make them out to be. Seniors have lived through their own challenging times. Seniors have built resilience, wisdom, and grit after each difficult experience they lived through. Thus, the younger generations can learn a thing or two from seniors during these challenging times. 

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