Home Care Explained, VA Fort Worth

An elderly woman holding a cane.
Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

In-home care is important for seniors who wish to age in place. While researching in-home care providers, you might come across home health and home care services. The two are not the same. Visiting Angels Fort Worth discusses the differences between home health and home care. 

For seniors who are aging in place, they would benefit from home care. Visiting Angels Fort Worth explains how a home care caregiver can help seniors in their day to day lives. Seniors who need help keeping up with their personal hygiene, getting dressed, or preparing meals can depend on a caregiver. Furthermore, home care services do not require a senior to have any medical reasons to receive care. 

On the other hand, home health requires clients to have a medical reason to have access to the service. Home health is essentially for those who have just gotten surgery or some kind of medical procedure. Home health helps patients recover at home. Once the patient recovers, or is no longer making improvements, they no longer receive home health care. If a client wants to continue with home health, they would need their insurance’s approval and a physician’s referral approving an extension. 

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