Peace in Chaos, VA Crystal Lake

An elderly woman drinking from a small cup and smiling.
Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

There are many things currently happening around the world. COVID-19 has disrupted the day to day life of people all over the world. Thus, it can feel like an overwhelming time for many people. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake shares some ways that people can find peace in this chaotic year. 

Social distancing is still being advised. As you are staying safe at home, why not start a new hobby? The hobby can help you forget about your worries. Even if you only forget for a little bit. A nice moment of rest is better than no rest. What kind of things are you interested in? You can try looking up a list of hobbies if you have no idea what you want to do. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake mentions a couple of hobbies including writing, knitting, and baking. 

It is also important to consider what is contributing to your stress in the first place. At the moment, many people are constantly reading or watching the news. Yes, the news can provide helpful information but it can cause you to feel more overwhelmed. Try limiting your news exposure. 

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