Visiting Angels Southlake Discusses Social Distancing Visits

An elderly man smiling at the camera.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The elderly are at risk when it comes to COVID-19. Social distancing is important because it helps prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Visiting Angels Southlake brings up some ways you can make your visits more fun while keeping your loved one safe. 

During the summer, many families tend to have a family reunion. While people should not gather in large crowds, Visiting Angels Southlake shares a great way for families to carry out a family reunion. First, depending on the amount of people, the family can be divided into small groups. Every small group can gather in a different location and use Zoom to have a large virtual family gathering. The small groups can then take pictures and the pictures can be stitched together to form one complete family reunion photo. 

If your family does not hold family reunions, you can encourage your kids to have a bit of fun. Visiting Angels Southlake recommends visiting your loved one’s home with your kids. The kids can draw on the sidewalk and leave nice messages or drawing for your senior loved one. 

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