An Aging Loved One with Low Vision, VA Southlake

A zoom in photo of an elderly man's blue eye.
Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Low vision affects the daily lives of millions of Americans. If you would like to help an aging loved one, who has been diagnosed with low vision, take a look at Visiting Angels Southlake’s advice. 

Visiting Angels Southlake starts off by explaining what low vision is. To put it simply, low vision is when a visual impairment cannot be fixed using medication, surgery, or glasses. Many seniors can naturally develop low vision because of age. Health conditions like cataracts and diabetes can also lead to low vision. Signs of low vision include blurriness, night blindness, reading struggles, and difficulty recognizing faces. 

To help a senior loved one who has low vision, Visiting Angels Southlake recommends adding more light around your loved one’s home. The light can help prevent some accidents by making it easier to spot objects. 

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