Visiting Angels Mentor Discusses Healthy Recipes

Healthy foods in a bowl and on a table.
Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

Everyone should keep track of the food that they eat. A body benefits from a healthy diet. Visiting Angels Mentor explains how seniors can cook healthy recipes at home. 

For one, seniors who have serious medical issues or dietary restrictions should contact their doctor. A doctor should be able to give a senior a list of foods that are both nutritious and beneficial for their body. Seniors who do not need a specialized diet can take a look at some general dietary guidelines. The guidelines are helpful when figuring out the right combination of food needed to give seniors the vitamins and nutrients that they need. 

If a senior cannot have gluten they should try to search for food or cooking products that are gluten free. There are more options in the market nowadays for gluten free foods. Also, those who cannot have a lot of sugar should find a combination of foods that will keep their blood levels steady. 

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