The Importance of an Emergency Plan for Your Loved One, VA South Elgin

An elderly man reading a book and sitting alone outside.
Photo by Connor Wang on Unsplash

Are you currently caring for an aging loved one? If you are, have you thought about an emergency plan for your loved one? Visiting Angels South Elgin explains why families should have an emergency backup plan ready for an elderly loved one. 

Visiting Angels South Elgin first wanted to emphasize how August is National MedicAlert Awareness Month. To celebrate this month, Visiting Angels South Elgin wanted to bring attention to all the good that MedicAlert has brought to seniors. Since 1953 MedicAlert bracelets have been helping seniors. The MedicAlert Foundation works with the Alzheimer’s Foundation. Seniors who have bad memory and are separated from their caregiver can have all their important information on a MedicAlert bracelet so they are reunited with their caregiver. 

The MedicAlert bracelet is an emergency backup plan. It is common for seniors with memory problems to wander off and get lost. The bracelet provides a way for seniors to find their way back home. Visiting Angels South Elgin also explains how in-home care services benefit seniors. A professional caregiver is trained to help their client though their day to day life. 

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