Visiting Angels Southlake Gives UV Safety Tips for Seniors

A photo of the sun shinning through grass.
Photo by Rose Erkul on Unsplash

Summer means that people can spend more time outdoors; however, the sun’s UV rays can affect people in negative ways. Visiting Angels Southlake discusses the dangers of UV rays and how seniors can protect themselves. 

There are two dangers related to UV rays that Visiting Angels Southlake brings up. First, the common enemy of many people, sunburn. Those who expose their skin to the sun for too long might get sunburnt. As a result, their burnt skin will be red, irritated, and painful for a couple of days. Visiting Angels Southlake also mentions how 5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer every year. In other words, the sun’s rays can affect someone’s skin in a large or small manner. 

To help people protect their skin, Visiting Angels Southlake makes some suggestions. One well known way that people can protect their skin from the harmful UV rays is by applying sunscreen. People should apply sunscreen every day; however, it is especially important to apply sunscreen before heading out.  

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