Visiting Angels Mobile Shares Fall Prevention Tips

An elderly man holding a cane.
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

It is amazing how children are able to recover so quickly after a fall. As you get older, that recovery speed slows down. Visiting Angels Mobile brings up some helpful tips to prevent seniors from falling. 

If you are worried about your aging loved one falling, Visiting Angels Mobile recommends that you start things off by looking at your loved one’s medication and medical conditions. Some medication can make people drowsy or dizzy. Your loved one has a higher chance of falling due to the side effects of their medication. Furthermore, if your elderly loved one suffers from a condition that affects their eyes or ears, they also experience higher odds of falling due to their distorted sight. 

After considering your loved one’s medical conditions and medication, take a look around their home. Is it tidy? The more knickknacks that your aging loved one has laying around on the floor, the higher the risk of falling becomes. If your loved one’s home is nice and clean, then the chances of tripping on wires, boxes, pencils and other things decreases. 

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