Seniors Enjoying the Summer, VA Manassas

A basket full of vegetables.
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Summer usually comes with fun events. However, because of COVID-19, everyone is still keeping their distance from one another. Visiting Angels Manassas shares some fun activities that seniors can enjoy this summer. 

One activity that anyone can enjoy, not just seniors, is walking. A nice walk around the neighborhood can help ease the mind. Before seniors head outside, they should make sure to prepare for the heat and sun rays. Sunscreen, a hat, and some protective clothing from the sun are some great essentials for seniors.  Furthermore, seniors should be aware of the time of day they take their walk. It is best to avoid a walk when the sun is at its highest point. The evening is a great time because the sun has set, the heat has become less intense, but there is still enough light to enjoy nature. 

Visiting Angels Manassas also recommends gardening. Seniors can start a small garden with a couple of seeds and dirt. Some high raised beds and easy to grip tools would also prove to be beneficial for seniors. 

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