Dementia in Seniors, VA Punta Gorda

An elderly person reading.
Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

The brain changes as people get older and it can be easier to forget things. However how do you know if your aging loved one is starting to forget too many things? Visiting Angels Punta Gorda breaks down the differences between dementia and forgetfulness.  

If you are concerned about your elderly loved one, try sitting down with them to talk about your concerns. Visiting Angels Punta Gorda brings up a couple of things you can question your loved one about. For instance, you can periodically ask your loved one what day it is. You can ask them every couple of days to make sure they are keeping up with the days. 

Additionally, you can ask your loved one about their upcoming appointments. See if they can remember the date of their next doctor’s appointment. You can also see if they remember a family member’s birthday that is coming up. If they have trouble remembering the day or any appointments coming up, take a look at the other questions Visiting Angels Punta Gorda recommends asking. 

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