How to Properly Manage Your Prescription Medications at Home

With an opioid crisis happening in our nation, proper medication management has become even more important than ever. Seniors who take multiple prescription medications are more likely to mismanage their medications at home. To help turn this around, Visiting Angels Sarasota shares some advice.

One of the most easiest and important thing seniors can do is to properly utilize pill boxes. When we think of pill boxes, we typically think of a stick made up of seven boxes that we can place our medications into. Seniors who take multiple medications will typically place all their pills into each day of the week with no consideration of how each medication is supposed to be taken. Visiting Angels Sarasota recommends to purchase the pill box that is right for your schedule. If you have medications that need to be taken at different times of the day, get a pill box that segments the days by the hour. Visiting Angels also recommends to to purchase a separate pill box to separate medications that either do or don’t require them to be taken with food. Proper management of prescription medications can prevent adverse effects and interactions that can harm you.

Visiting Angels Sarasota shares more tips on how to properly manage medications, and you can read more about each tip in their latest article: