4 Signs Your Loved One Needs More Help at Home

As our loved ones age, the desire to spend the rest of their days in their own home grows over time. However, as they age they may come across moments where they find themselves struggling to carry out certain tasks. Deciding whether or not your loved one needs additional assistance at home can be difficult. To help, Visiting Angels Santa Clarita shares a few signs to look out for.

  1. Cluttered Home – Have you noticed that your loved one’s home has become more cluttered than usual? Has the exterior of their home lost its regular maintenance?
  2. Unkempt Appearance – Has your loved one been taking care of themselves? Are they brushing their hair and bathing regularly?
  3. Missed Appointments – Is your loved one forgetting appointments more frequently? Has the amount of forgetting appointments become more than just ‘senior moments’?
  4. Sudden Change in Behavior – Has it felt like your loved one hasn’t been themselves? Are they behaving in ways that are not characteristic of them?

These are a few signs that may indicate your loved one may need additional assistance at home. You can read about each sign in greater detail by visiting Visiting Angels’ latest article here: https://www.visitingangels.com/santaclarita/four-clear-signs-that-seniors-need-more-help-at-home-weekly-message_4222