Approaching Your Loved One to Seek More Help

As we watch our loved ones become older, it can be difficult to witness. They may have lost certain abilities due to the physical limitations of their body which then forces them to give up their favorite hobbies or even downsize to an environment that is more forgiving. As they make these changes, it can be difficult to witness. When you offer them help, your loved one will typically refuse. They may refuse asking for help, accepting help, and even refuse to admit they need help.

When you come to this kind of situation, it can be difficult for you and your family because despite wanting to assist them, you don’t want to tarnish their dignity. When this issue arises, Visiting Angels Punta Gorda shares some pieces of advice:

“Chances are that once you’ve expressed your concerns, your aging loved one will be eager to end the conversation. They probably are already aware of their need for help, and your confrontation only makes it public now. Give them time to process what you’ve said before moving forward with a plan. Wait a couple of weeks before talking about in-home care or making appointments with in-home care agencies. You can certainly set a date with your aging loved one to discuss what’s next, if that helps move things forward.”

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