Aging Independently

Senior man sitting alone in coffee shop

Despite the amount of experience and knowledge we’ve accumulated over our lifetime, there comes a point at which our bodies begin to slowdown. What we were once capable of is now a challenge. Because we hold our independence with great pride, we may be apprehensive to asking for help and instead try to handle these tasks on our own. Doing so can put us and others in great risk of injury. Whether it be yard work or driving a car, we need to take a moment to ask ourselves if maintaining our independence is really worth risking our safety.

Be Honest with Our Limitations

Giving up the things that define our adulthood is difficult. Over our lifetime, we’ve been so successful at providing for our family and accomplishing so many other achievements that the idea of not being able to do those kinds of things may be unfathomable. But we’re talking about a time when our bodies were more capable. As we age, we tend to lose our strength and hand-eye coordination which can make even the simplest of tasks seem challenging.

When this happens, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and evaluate what our limitations are. It can be difficult to admit our shortcomings, but it is something we must come to face with. In order to age at home, we must look within ourselves and admit what needs to change so that we may remain safe.

Ask for Assistance in the Community

Once we have come to terms with our limitations, it is time for us to look for assistance in the community. When there is yard work that needs to be done, see if someone from your local church or neighborhood would be willing to come and help.

When you need assistance with more than just yard work, hiring a caregiver will be of great help. Visiting Angels Barrington is a home care provider who specialize with senior citizens. With their professional caregivers, you’ll have the assistance you need all while maintaining your independence.

As a senior, we need to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing wrong with having someone help us throughout our day. By recognizing that our bodies are not as capable as they use to be and seeking for assistance with daily tasks, it puts us in a safer environment that benefits everyone around us.