The Road to Recovery After a Stroke

When a stroke occurs, blood supply to the brain that carries nutrients and oxygen gets disrupted. Following this, brain cells begin to die which leads to the person suffering to have lost certain abilities. While a stroke can cause death, it can cause lasting after-effects for those who survive a stroke. Often times, those who have survived a stroke experience a lost of feeling and functionality on one side of their body, slurred speech, and even memory impairment. While strokes are typically associated with older adults, it can happen to anyone at any time.

For someone who has survived a stroke, the road to recover is long and difficult. Depending on the severity of the stroke, a loved one may end up having to go through rehabilitation in a short-term care facility for an extended period of time. They may need to learn how to eat, talk, write, and walk all over again. Their sense of independence becomes lost as they may constantly need assistance with simple tasks they were once capable of. To them the future may seem grim, but it doesn’t have to be. To help your loved one on their journey to recovery, Visiting Angels Punta Gorda share some insights on what you can do to make them feel reassured of themselves.

Actively Listen to Them

One of the first things you can do when you visit them is to practice active listening. By putting aside all distractions, you allow yourself the opportunity to truly listen to your loved one. For them, the future is uncertain which can be unsettling. Many questions may fill their minds with doubt and uncertainty. Listen to what they are really saying. Let them know that you are there for them and you will get through this difficult time together.

Be Their Voice

When someone is recovering from a stroke, their ability to communicate becomes increasingly difficult. While they are in a short-term care facility, they may not be able to communicate with the staff properly. They are in a setting that is unfamiliar to them that may make them feel alienated. Be their voice when you visit them. While they may struggle with their speech, you can relay to the care staff any preferences your loved one may have. Whether it’s letting the staff know of preferred TV channels or what food they would rather eat, your loved one will appreciate you trying to make them feel more comfortable during their short-term stay.

Be Their Cheerleader

As they go through their physical and speech rehabilitation, they may get encouragement from the staff. But what they really need is words of encouragement from you. If you’re able to, attend their therapy sessions so that you can witness each achievement they make. After each session, you can do something fun together like going outside or playing their favorite game. Just by being there and cheering them on is more than enough to give them the positive outlook they need for their recovery. By knowing they have someone close who is supporting them every step of the way will make them feel much more confident.

Attend a Support Group

While it’s important to ensure your loved one is taken care of, it’s equally important to remember to take care of yourself. Having a loved one who is recovery from a stroke isn’t only hard for them but it’s also hard for you. After a stroke, they may not seem like the person you once knew at first. The idea of seeing them struggle with tasks they were once capable of can be disheartening. The best way to cope with these kinds of feelings is to attend a support group filled with individuals who have also been affected by someone who has suffered a stroke. When you surround yourself with others who have had a similar experience, it can be liberating to know that they will understand your feelings of depression, frustration, and even guilt.

When someone suffers a stroke, the road to recovery is difficult for everyone. By sticking by their side and getting through it together, it can make a world of difference. When your loved one needs assistance at home after their short-term stay, Visiting Angels Punta Gorda is there for you and your family. Visiting Angels Punta Gorda provides caregivers who will assist in getting your loved one to their doctor’s appointments and helping them around their home. If you need the extra assistance at home, contact them today.