Taking Care of Our Aging Knees

Senior man with knee pain

Our knees support us throughout our lives. As we age, our knees have undergone a tremendous amount of wear and tear that we become more susceptible to joint pain. We never truly realize how much we rely on our knees until we experience some kind of complication.

By the time we have reached old age, our knees have gone through a substantial amount of wear and tear. We are then more susceptible to developing osteoarthritis – a painful condition in which inflammation occurs in our joints. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West provides a list of five ways you can care for your knees.

Reduce Their Workload

Our knees have experienced a great deal of wear and tear over our lifetime. With each step we take, our knees absorb a huge amount of pressure. With worn down cartilage, this amount of pressure can cause some serious problems for our knees. Visiting Angels points out that the main cause for this kind of wear and tear stems from our own weight. They suggest that by exercising and losing weight, we can reduce the amount of stress put on our knees.

Strengthen Our Knees with a Pro

When we begin to regularly exercise, we develop muscle throughout our bodies – with our knees included! Once we have committed ourselves to exercise, it’s important for us to work with a professional such as a physical therapist. This is so that we will be properly monitored and will have a workout routine that is properly designed around our needs and capabilities. Even though exercising has many benefits, it can also be dangerous if we do not take proper precaution.

Exercise in Water

Being in the water allows for a greater range of movement. In the pool, we are still able to have a have a workout with the same intensity as a regular workout outside of the pool. The main benefit of exercising in the water is that it is a low-impact workout. This means that we do not have nearly the same amount of pressure and stress applied to our joints. Instead, our joints experience a much lower amount of pressure.

Wear Proper Shoes

One of the main causes we experience pain in our knees and back is the lack of proper footwear. Without proper footwear, we can develop a type of pain that runs down your back to your heels. Having shoes that are properly cushioned can greatly help in supporting our feet as well as our bodies. While buying shoes can be expensive, the long-term value they provide is well worth it.

Have More Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids help our knees by reducing inflammation and joint pain. Foods like salmon, mackerel, and walnuts are rich in omega-3. You can also have a healthy daily dose through vitamin supplements.

It is important for us take care of knees. As we age, we tend to realize how much we truly rely on them. They carry us throughout our days to take us to the places we need to be. By exercising, wearing proper shoes, and having a healthier diet, we can help to protect our kness and prolong their capabilities.