Palliative Care Offered at Home

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Visiting Angels Barrington offers palliative care that provides seniors with non-medical assistance. Typically, palliative care is connected to hospice care; however, palliative care is for anyone who needs extra assistance, no matter what their life expectancy is. The clients could be in treatment, in a stage of recovery, or they could be getting ready for the end of their life. Visiting Angels caregivers are prepared to help reduce the mental, physical, and or emotional stress of those they are caring for. 

Palliative Care and Your Aging Loved One 

Whether it be due to age or medical reasons, your loved one might be experiencing discomfort. The discomfort does not have to be physical. It could be suffering from mental or emotional irritation due to stress or negative thoughts. Palliative care can provide your loved one with a caregiver. The caregiver can help with diverse tasks such as helping your elderly loved one with their personal hygiene or preparing their meals.  

When it comes to your loved one’s emotional and mental stability, their caregiver can also be a shoulder to lean on. If your aging loved one is feeling hopeless, stressed, depressed, or alone, their caregiver will be right by their side to cheer them up. Another great thing about Visiting Angels caregivers is that they will also support the family of those in their care.  

Your loved one’s caretaker understands that you must be going through a difficult time seeing your loved one suffer. If you need help with groceries or light cleaning, the caretaker will try to help as much as possible. Visiting Angels Barrington’s Palliative care is here to make both your life and your elderly loved one’s life easier.  

End of Life Care and Your Elderly Loved One 

Now that you are aware of what palliative care can offer you and your loved one, you should also be aware of end of life care. This care service is meant to help someone who is ready to enter the final stages of their life. You should consider end of life care if your loved one is thinking about or is already preparing for the final stages of their life. 

Visiting Angels Barrington’s end of life care can work together with the hospice of your choice to provide your elderly loved one with comfortable transitions through their final stages of life. Usually, you or another family member would be held responsible for your loved one during this difficult time. Handing the responsibilities over to a professional caregiver ensures that your loved one receives high-quality service they deserve and gives you the space to process everything.  

Once again, the caregiver would care for both you and your elderly loved one. The final stages of life will be difficult for both you and your loved one; as a result, a Visiting Angels’ caregiver will provide the compassionate care and support you both will need. They will help with everyday tasks and they will be there through the whole process.  

Extra Support for You and Your Loved One  

If you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a caretaker or if your elderly loved one needs extra support, Visiting Angels Barrington offers a variety of other in-home care services. Once you find a service you are interested in or if you are curious about a personalized care plan for your aging loved one, contact Visiting Angels Barrington