Angels & Alexa Providing Constant Companion Care

Amazon Alexa speaker on a table

“Hey, Alexa” is a phrase you may be familiar with. Amazon Alexa is a smart speaker used within many homes. The automated speaker is meant to make people’s lives easier. Have you ever thought about what Alexa can do when incorporated into the lives of the elderly?  

Recently Visiting Angels and Alexa have developed a partnership. With the idea of Alexa’s home services being useful, the partnership takes things a step further by combing Alexa with in-home care. Angels & Alexa is the resulting program by Visiting Angels Punta Gorda and Alexa. Angels & Alexa is targeted at seniors to provide a form of 24/7 in-home assistance for seniors.  

What Can the Program Do? 

Once your loved one is taught how to use the smart speaker by a Visiting Angels caretaker, there are many uses for Alexa. If they want to contact someone, they could use Alexa to call or text them. Your elderly loved one can also receive calls and texts if you are not around and want to check up on them. With Visiting Angels and Alexa, you will feel more at ease knowing your loved one is safe. 

Angels & Alexa can be used for entertainment purposes. A Visiting Angels caretaker can teach your loved one how to get Alexa to play games, read eBooks, and play music. Your loved one will be stimulated and enjoy themselves with Alexa. Plus, there will also be a Visiting Angels caretaker to take care of the rest of your loved one’s needs. Your loved one’s caretaker will be there to provide emotional, physical, and other forms of support that Alexa cannot provide. 

Another helpful feature that Angels & Alexa has is reminders. Your loved one can tell Alexa to set a reminder for a doctor’s appointment. Alexa can also be set to remind your elderly loved one to take their medications at a certain time or multiple times throughout the day. The reminders could help your loved one feel more independent and assured that they will remember all the important things they have to do.  

User Friendly Device 

Angels & Alexa is a program that targets the largest consumer population within the U.S: the elderly or baby boomers. Though seniors are known for struggling with smart devices, Alexa is easy to use. There are no complex touch screens or controls; on the contrary, all the user must do is tell the speaker what they want. Verbal communication makes Alexa intuitive. Plus, your elderly loved one’s Visiting Angels caretaker can teach them how to use Alexa. Rest easy knowing your loved one’s caretaker is there to help. 

The Caretakers  

Traditional nursing homes require residency at their care center in order to receive nursing care. Visiting Angels Punta Gorda allows your elderly loved one to age at home by sending a caretaker to them. The caretaker makes sure that your loved one is happy and taken care of while you are not around. Here are some examples of care services offered by Visiting Angels Punta Gorda: hygiene care, meal preparation, and light cleaning. Your loved one will get the personal care and attention they deserve while being in the comfort of their own home. 

If your aging loved one needs help but refuses to leave their home, contact Visiting Angels Punta Gorda. Your elderly loved one will receive high quality care in their own home, and you will feel at ease knowing your loved one is in good hands.